Never Again Should Mean Peace

The tragedy of modern Israel is the misinterpretation of the meaning, “Never Again.” For most Israelis this refers to never again having a situation in which Jews are homeless and killed because they lack the means of defending selves. Modern Israel has used this slogan to emphasize the importance of a vigorous response to Arab attacks and justifying  war on grounds it is defensive, never offensive. For decades the Israel Defense Force was the most powerful fighting force in the Middle East and it could repel any Arab attack.

The fallacy in Israel thinking is the belief the IDF military superiority will last forever. Time changes, weapons become more sophisticated, smaller and thus easy to transport. It was simply a matter of time before Arab nations would gain access to mobile means of sending missiles into Israel. Each year will witness an increase in this capability. Five or ten or fifteen years from now it will be readily simple for Arab forces to bomb every major Israel response.

The IDF is convinced it can counter any Arab attack with massive bombings. It can, but missiles will still head for Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. The answer to this issue lies in peace negotiations, not war. Never Again should mean that Israel has become the center of economic and political development in the Middle East. Israel has learned to utilize its economic and intellectual power to link with young Arabs who seek economic development and creation of democratic societies.

War is a temporary, not a long term solution to Middle Eastern issues. Peace NOW should be the slogan of Israel. And, this begins by halting further Jewish settlement on the West Bank, then negotiating with President Abbas for long term peace.