Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu has formed a government in which right wing fundamentalist Jewish leaders call the shots and decide what is allowed. Ironically, these rigid Rabbis are about the same in thinking as rigid Muslim clerics. They are always right and the other side is always wrong, so never, ever apologize for anyting. Netanyahu held secret negotiations with Turkish officials concerning the May, 2010 “Flotilla” from Turkey which was halted by Israeli armed forces when ships tried landing in Gaza. During the action, about nine people from Turkey were killed, actually “murdered” but in the interests of fairness we will use the word, “killed.” The Israeli leader held several meeting with Turkish officials and agreed to apologize for the deaths and pay compensation. However, after realizing an apology would not sit well with Jewish religious fanatics, he rescinded the apology, although agreeing to ‘express his sorrow.”

Ah, the children at play in Israel. Ah, the children of narrowness and hatred are in charge in Israel. And, so, there is no peace and no reconciliation between Israel and Turkey. As always under the Netanyhu government, bigotry and hatred triumph over reason and compassion.