Never Joke About Them Alabama Rednecks!

We inhabit a world in which Tea Party ranters can insult the president of the United States, claim there are secret plans to establish concentration camps and destroy the American Constitution, but to Governor Bob Riley of Alabama, it is simply going too far to say there are rednecks in his state. Robin Williams cracked a joke on the Letterman show that “Australians are basically English rednecks” and this aroused a fury. It led to Australian Kevin Rudd responding, “spend a bit of time in Alabama before he frames comments about anyone being particularly redneck.”

It does not bother Governor Riley that his president is daily insulted with outrageous comments, but use the word, “redneck” and he flies to the defense of his state and America. “I’m not sure if Prime Minister rudd has ever been to Alabama. If he has, he would know that Alabamans are decent, hard working, creative people.”

I am certain Alabamans are creative. They elected a man like Bob Riley to govern their state. If an intelligent idea entered the mind of Riley it would die of loneliness.