Never Say, “I’m Sorry”

The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has one outstanding virtue, it is never wrong and it will never apologize for anything to anyone. It represents the state of Israel and the world had better learn, this is one nation in which the expression, “I apologize” will never be uttered. Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey officially expelled the Israel ambassador and cut off all military relations between the nations. Turkey has made an Israeli apology a condition for improving diplomatic ties.

The cut off in relations came just as the UN issued its report on the Gaza flotilla issue. The report indicated Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza is a “legitimate security measure,” but  also made clear the use of force against ships sailing to send supplies to Gaza  displayed “excessive and unreasonable” use of force. Forensic evidence showed that most of those killed were shot multiple times, including in the back or at close range.

So, what exactly is so terrible to express an apology for these deaths? Ah, the reason is PRIDE! With an idiot foreign minister like Avigdor Lieberman it is quite clear this nation will never apologize to anyone.

Oh, what about the deliberate insulting of Turkey’s ambassador to Israel by the Israel Foreign Office? No apology?