Never Say Thanks

The nation of Afghanistan is ruled by a group of kleptomaniacs who regard this country as their private domain. The cabal around President Hamid Karzai regards themselves as owners of Afghanistan and those who live within their domain must accept their right to rob the place blind. They have siphoned off billions of dollars and ensured that most people lack any trust in their police, in their armed forces and certainly in the crooks who “govern the nation.” There is scant doubt President Karzai will lack millions-or should we say,- billions for the rest of his life.

President Karzai is upset. If Americans leave how can he and the boys around him make money? The Afghanistan government is now charging $1000 for every container leaving the country as part of the American military withdrawal because the Americans failed to fill out necessary government forms. This could run into the billions.

President Karzai was saved by American troops. His government only exists due to the bravery of American, NATO and Afghan forces. I have a hunch that no Afghan soldier will see a penny of this tax on containers.