WE offer a series of articles describing what constitutes a liberal agenda for Americans. Sorry, right wing, Barack Obama has never presented a LIBERAL PROGRAM


1. We propose in all cities with populations exceeding a million people that cars be banned from entering them from Monday-Friday, effective 2020.

2. Each such city over the coming decade will be provided funds to provide inhabitants with low cost public transportation systems. For example, the Long Island Railroad will have a train schedule similar to the New York City subway system which runs trains every five minutes.

3. As we move toward the end of cars in cities during the week, step one will prevent single passenger cars to enter a major city during week days.

4. American needs a high speed inexpensive train system that spans the country and enables quick and easy travel across large distances. In the 1950s we built the great highway system, today we will build the great train system.

5. Taxes on cars will rise over the coming decade until people pay five dollars per gallon for their gas. Low income families will receive tax aid to deal with this rise.

6. Bike paths will be extended as well as providing individuals with opportunities to ride bikes around the city.

7. Tiny electric cars will begin to become common in cities within five years.

8. The Federal government will offer funding for a ‘NEW VENTURES IN TRANSPORTATION” discoveries.

The era of the car must end.