New Beginning For Ukraine

The fires of Kiev have finally died out, but the spirit of those who risked their lives in order to end tyranny of former President Yanukovych still lives on. The Ukrainian people are determined to move forward with a new determination to create a western style democracy and put an end to vestiges of communism which have lingered on much too long in the country. Fear of Vladimir Putin is now over, and a modern society can be built on the ruins of fear and corruption that plagued the nation for too long. Elections will be held within two months and a new president will assume power. The major problem now confronting the Ukraine is when and how Russian semi-dictator Vladimir Putin will attempt to tear apart Ukraine.

Temporary head of the nation, Oleksander Tukrchnov warned that Putin might be planning to organize a separation movement in the Crimea whose people are mainly of Russian heritage. A Russian MP who was in the Crimea warned that “if the life and health of our compatriots is under threat, we will not stand to one side.”‘

It is almost a guarantee that Putin will interfere in the affairs of the Ukraine and seek to tear it apart by causing separation to become an issue.