New Buildings For Afghanistan

It is difficult to imagine that over a decade has gone by since initial American and European forces first entered Afghanistan to drive out the Taliban. A decade has passed and Taliban forces remain. A decade has passed and America continues to fund one enterprise after another, one boondoggle after another, one gravy train for President Hamid Karzai and his brothers in crime, and when I say, “brothers,” it does not merely reflect upon his real brothers, but those who invest in schemes that supposedly ensure peace for the people of Afghanistan. The latest fiasco is a new Defense Department headquarters that has already cost over $100,000,000 and is far from completed. America since 2005 had spent over $52 billion to arm, equip, train and provide enormous amounts of money for cronies of the president and the gang of thieves who have close relations with money items in the Afghan government.

Hamid wants more money to complete the Afghan defense department. Of course,money could be spent paying decent salaries to soldiers, it could be spent training Afghan soldiers with the best equipment and those most qualified to transform Afghans into outstanding fighters. For some reason, without spending billions, the Taliban do emerge with highly trained and motivated soldiers. I wonder why?