New Conspiracy Theory In Afghanistan

It was simply a matter of time before the defense attorney for Sgt.Robert Bales began to utter the ever familiar complaint of “conspiracy.” There is no question that Sgt. Bales took a weapon and killed sixteen women and children in a village in Afghanistan. Obviously, it will be rather difficult to round up any witnesses to his murders let alone to interview them. Defense Attorney John Henry Browne insists that “it’s outrageous. What they(Army) are basically doing is withholding information.The only reason to hide evidence is if you don’t have evidence.”

I am lost. If the Army does possess evidence that means they have evidence If they don’t have evidence that means they do not have evidence. Why would they suppress evidence if they have evidence? There is no question that Sgt. Bales was compelled to experience terrible conditions fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why not use this case as an example of what happened due to the made policies of former President Bush?

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  • Fred Stopsky

    I make it a policy in life to ignore all conspiracy theories. I guess you can term me a conspirator against conspirators.