New Economic Design Needed!

The Republican party devotes what is left of any intelligent ideas concerning the future of the United States to issues such as gun rights or lower taxes or family values. Of course, the most important family value is having parents who earn sufficient money to provide a healthy life for all. Frankly, the Democratic party is not much better. The incredible confusing health care plan is the outcome of attempting to please Republican opponents rather than creating an effective and efficient health care plan. Republicans insist that Barack Obama is a “job destroyer.” It is time to address fundamental issues of work that transcend words such as “conservative” or “liberal. Let’s examine trends in society that are present regardless of he ideology of the moment.

1. Technology is supplanting jobs that arose from the birth of modern industry.

2. Colleges have no idea how to educate youth for the world of the 21st century.

3. High schools are among the most bewildered institutions in modern life, what exactly is their goal?

4. It might take fifty or a hundred or two hundred years, but, inevitably technology, machines, robots, whatever word you desire to employ, but they will perform work tasks related to our everyday lives.

5. The most important question is: given number 4, what then is the purpose of humanity other than consuming products created by technology?

6. The next important question is: given that technology creates products, how do humans obtain sufficient money in order to purchase the products?

These issues have NOTHING TO DO WITH LIBERAL OR CONSERVATIVE!. They have to do with reality. We need a government in power that addresses these issues-who cares if it is liberal or conservative?