New Era In Iran?

During the past five years Republicans have been blasting the “weak” policy of the Obama administration toward Iran. Mitt Romney promised, if elected, to let the Iranians know they can not refuse demands of the United States and John McCain is ready to send in the troops. There was an election in Iran over the weekend which resulted in victory for Hasan Rouhani. The cleric is a close ally of Hashemi Rafsanjani who  has been urging resuming talks with western nations.  Rouhani gained at least 50% of the vote and immediately came out with a new approach to other nations. “We won’t let the past eight years be continued. I’ll pursue a policy of reconciliation and peace. We will reconcile with the world.”

In the streets  cars were honking their horns, people smiling and  hugging one another while shouting “Ahmadi Bye Bye.” It was a farewell song to current President Ahmadinejad. So, Republicans, was the Obama approach the right one?