New Hope For Israel-Palestinian Peace

The outbursts for democracy have finally impacted the Israel government which has begun to recognize their head in the sand approach will simply not work in the modern world. The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is considering a new offer to Palestinian leaders which would create a Palestinian state with “temporary borders” in order to gain acceptance there are now two nations in the region of what used to be called, Palestine. A spokesperson for Netanyahu said: “the Palestinians aren’t ready to reach a final-status agreement to end the conflict in light of the instability of the region.” He went on to say, “we don’t want to evade a final status agreement, but an interim agreement is a way to get there.”

Former Defense Minister Shaul Motz is proposing the new Palestinian state would initially control 60% of the West Bank with the promise from Israel the border would eventually adjusted to reflect a close approximation to the 1967 border. This is an important move forward!