New Investigation Into Death Of Hirat Dink In Turkey

Hirat Dink was a crusading Armenian journalist in Turkey who fought for the rights of his people and exposed those in high offices who violated human rights. He was assassinated by a group of ultra-nationalist youths in circumstances that still are rather confusing. Governor Nuri Okutan of Trabzon, has ordered a new investigation into what happened in the murder with a particular focus on any role that might have been played by members of the police force. After the murder, some policemen confirmed that they had been tipped off about the plot to kill Dink before the murder occurred.

This issue is one of concern to all those who seek peace and reconciliation between Armenians and Turks. If the Turkish government can finally uncover the true story about Dink’s murder it will reassure members of the Armenian community in that nation that the rule of law is being followed.