New Look Zimbabwe Government

The new look Zimbabwe coalition government that was hammered out after months of negotiation led by South African President Mbeki, has finally been described to the public. th new government will have six executive posts headed by President Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai in the newly created position of prime minister. Mugabe will chair the National
Security Council which includes the army, police, and secret services, but Tsvangirai will also be a member of this group. The meetings should be interesting, given that the police, army, and secret services have been responsible for physically assaulting Tsvangirai. Mugabe has promised to be allies with his former enemy, a statement that most probably reflects his desperation. His crazy policies have wrecked the economy as well as brutalized countless thousands and forced nearly 3,000,00 to flee the nation.

Mugabe needs this agreement more than anyone. Unless, he agreed to a coalition government there would have been no prospect of receiving aid from any country either in Africa or the West. He is trapped in the chaos he created and only Tsvangirai can save what little remains of a nation that has been brutalized and economically destroyed.