New Mitt Romney Appears

Once upon a time there was a governor of Massachusetts who was for gun control, for health care, for confronting  the need to do something about illegal immigrants, and who actually wanted to protect the needs of 47% of the population. That was the OLD Mitt Romney and today we have the NEW Mitt Romney. There are rumors flying around the NEW Mitt Romney may decide to introduce to the American people the OLD Mitt Romney because the NEW Mitt Romney is slowly sinking into the swamps of defeat.

Mitt may come out for retaining Obama ideas about illegal immigrants. Mitt might come out for retaining many aspects of the despised Obamacare. If there is anything one can say about the NEW Mitt Romney is that if he makes a decision, just wait an hour before he contradicts that decision. In the end the NEW Mitt Romney is actually the same as the OLD Mitt Romney. Either one has the backbone of a chocolate eclair.

The problem for Obama is deciding whether he runs against the old or the new Mitt.