New Mitt Romney??

It is fascinating how Mitt Romney is beginning the process of slowly, but carefully, distancing himself from the Mitt Romney who won the Republican nomination  for president. He came out in support of President Obama’s proposal to lower student loan interest payments. Last week while seeking the nomination he opposed this idea which is now his idea. Mitt is not the brightest person in the world, but he is not the dumbest. We can expect in the coming months:

A statement from Mitt that he supports the Dream Act for immigrants and he will boast that since his grandparents lived in Mexico he is simply another Hispanic immigrant.

A statement from Mitt that while he wants a great armed force, we should focus on making the Afghan army  a great armed force and get Americans out of that country.

He will emphasize that he was for women rights before he came out against them but in his heart he was always for women rights.

He will emphasize the Bain company simply wanted to help people find new jobs and the best way to help them get a higher paying job was to fire them.

OK, he had a dog strapped to the top of his car, but unlike Barack Obama he did not eat dogs and grasshoppers. In fact, some of his best friends are dogs and grasshoppers.