New NRA Heroine!

Sarah Palin has been urging women to stand up for their rights in a Socialist America in which illegal immigrants and other foreigners such as the man in the White House threaten to take away gun rights of God fearing loyal Americans. The NRA argues each student has the right to bring a gun to school for protection. Imagine being a teacher in a classroom in which all students possess a gun ready to use if they don’t like what you say, your discipline approach or the grade given. Sabrina Milo, a teacher at Ft. Hamilton HS in Brooklyn had a bad day just like any student could have a bad day. She felt exhausted in the teacher lounge and blurted out what any student might utter, how about bringing a machine gun to school and it will be “Columbine all over.” Police booked the disturbed woman and discovered she did not even possess a gun.

So, tell me, NRA and Sarah, if a teacher can crack up under pressure, isn’t it possible a student can crack up. In your universe, the student might crack up with a gun in his pocket. As Ms. Milo said: “Columbine all over again.”

We nominate for Schmucks of the year–the NRA and Sarah Palin!