New Pakistan Government Vows Independent Course

The triumphant Pakistan People’s Party(PPP) has seleced Makhdam Amin Fahim as the new prime minister of the nation as it worked with a broad new coalition of political parties to confront President Musharraf. The Pakistan Muslim League-N has agreed to join the coalition on condition that the demand of its leader, Nawaz Sharif, for restoration of judges sacked by President Musharraf are restored to their former positions. The coalition is working on new plans which would curtail the powers of the president such as ending his right to dissolve parliament and ensure he no longer has the power to replace judges because they oppose his views.

President Musharraf made clear in a column for the Washington Post his desire to work with the new coalition and put together a comprehensive political, economic, and military strategy that would end terrorism and restore stability to his nation. All Pakistan parties and the president were reassured by the resounding defeat of Muslim parties in the last election. It is evidence the people of Pakistan reject terorrism and violence.

The American military is concerned the new coalition will curtail further drone attacks in the northwest volatile regions of Pakistan. There is also worry the new government might emphasize negotiations with militants rather than military efforts. Perhaps, the Pakistan moderates realize negotiations that lead to peace are more desirable than continued fighting.