New Photos Of Armenian Genocide

Several new photographs of the Turkish massacre of Armenians have been uncovered from archives of the German Deutsche Bank. Germans were in Turkey assisting in various functions such as railroad development, and Germans took pictures of Turkish brutality toward the Armenians. At the Museum of the Armenian Genocide they have documentary evidence of what Winston Churchill at that time termed a “holocaust.” For example, instructions from Interior Minister Talaat Pasha to the prefect at Aleppo: “YOu have already been informed that the government has decided to destroy completely all the indicated persons living in Turkey. their existence must be terminated however tragic the measures taken may be, and no regard must be paid to either sex or age or any scruples of conscience.” Women were raped before being killed and up to 90 Armenians stuffed into cattle cars to be taken to a place where they were shot.

Turkish law forbids discussing this event. According to Turkey, no genocide occurred.

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