New President Medvedev Stresses Law And Rights

Dimitry Medvedev was sworn in as president of Russia and in his inaugaraton speech promised to strengthen the rule of law and expand the number of Russians into the middle class. “I fully understand how much needs to be done to make the state genuinely fair and attentive to citizens and to guarantee the highest living standards, so as many people as possible can join the middle class, get a good education and quality health care service.” His legal training shown in his statement “we must achieve true respect for the law and overcome legal nihilism, which seriously interferes with development today.”

As expected, Medvedev appointed his predecessor, Vladmir Putin, to become prime minister of the nation. At this moment in time, both men exude friendship and cooperation, but future events may well witness them drifting apart. The first test will arise when both men disagree on an important point. It will be interesting to observe which of the two comes out on top when there is the first test of who has the power.