New Republican Party

As one reflects on the Republican party it is clear that what once was an organization that contained men and women of high moral standards has been transformed into a collection of individuals for whom getting elected is the one and only thing on their minds. The party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Wendell Wilkie, and Tom Dewey has been transformed into quacks and ignorant graduates of Harvard like Ted Cruz. A grandson of the Taft family wrote an article wondering how the party of a great conservative like Robert Taft could contain this group of ignorant folk who seek the lowest denominator of intelligence. We forget that Republicans joined with Democrats in passing the Civil Rights Act of 1965. We forget that Theodore Roosevelt fought to protect the rights of striking coal miners, we forget that Wendell Wilkie was a crusader for the United Nations. We forget that Tom Dewey was the first District Attorney in America to appoint Negro lawyers to the office of a DA.

The current Republican party lacks any understanding of the word, “conservative.” Ironically, the current Republican party is among the most RADICAL politicians in the h history of the United States of America!