New Revelations In Trial Of Canadian Terrorist Supsect

A US Special Services soldier who was injured in the battle when Omar Khadr was captured says he was shocked to learn the 15 year old Canadian teenager wasn’t the only one alive win an Afghan compound when a grenade fatally wounded another American soldier. According to Layne Morris, a former Green Beret, “Eveyone had told me from the get-go that there was only one guy in there.” A document inadvertently released to reporters on Monday disclosed that after the grenade was thrown, a US operative killed another suspect and then shot Khadr in the back. The revelation casts doubts on the Pentagon’s assertion that Khadr threw the grenade that fatally wounded the Delta Force soldier and medic Christopher Speer. Khadr, now 21, is charged with “murder in violation of the laws of war.”

The document now uncovered says an unidentified operative saw someone wih an Ak-47 moving and “moaning” after the grenade was thrown. he operative shot him in the head, killing h im. He then saw the second person(Khadr) and shot him in the back. Khadr has now being tried for the third time since the prior two were dismissed, first by the U.S. Supreme Court which deemed the process illegal and then by a military judge who ruled he didn’t have jurisdiction to hear the case.

Among the initial actions of a new American president next year should be the end of Guantanamo Bay and creation of a judicial process which respects the rule of law, not whim.