New Rules On Leave For Caring For Vets

Those liberals are at it again, they once more are interfering with the lives of American citizens and telling employers what they can or can not do. We are witnessing another step on the road to COMMUNISM! The Obama administration issued new regulations pertaining to the Family and Medical Leave Act. Under new regulations, someone who cares for a wounded veteran is entitled to 26 weeks of UNPAID leave from employers. And, if a spouse is called away on sudden deployment an employer must grant 12 weeks of UNPAID leave to their employee.

I await Republican denunciation of these steps toward SOCIALISM. It is the end of capitalism when employers are FORCED BY GOVERNMENT to give UNPAID LEAVE to employees for frivolous activities like caring for wounded veterans. Thank God we have real Americans like Sarah Palin to protect us against Foreigners like Barack Obama who want to destroy capitalism.