New Terrorist Weapon-Heart Boobies

Every so often I encounter another issue that has slipped entering my mind which devotes 24 hours a day worrying about world conditions. No, this issue has nothing to do with terrorists or deficits or nutty politicians shouting and screaming about the end of civilization. Two students, aged 12 and 13 filed suit in court because they were suspended from school for wearing “Boobies” bracelets. The Easton area school district school board voted 7 to 1 to appeal its claim that these bracelets are lewd and should be banned from schools. The girls were wearing the bracelets as part of a campaign to raise money for cancer awareness.

The school district charged the bracelets had sexual double entendres. So, this school district does not think it important to discuss what children learn in school. No, high on their agenda is the topic of bracelets. Has anyone on the School Board contacted Senator Ted Cruz. I can just see him arguing for 48 hours how bracelets are the cause of America’s problems!