New Threat To Amazon–Meat!

Brazil for years has been engaged in a massive program to expand production of biofuels which has caused anxiety among environmentalists who fear this is impacting the Amazon rainforest. The use of farm lands to produce biofuels means that farmers must seek new areas in order to grow agricultural products. As these trends are occurring in the world, the desire for meat products is growing at an ever accelerated rate. This is causing Brazlian farmers to plant more soy fields which inevitably result in using the Amazon rainforest for these fields. In effect, the Amazon rainforest is being attacked on two fronts-one based on the desire of Brazil to be independent of outside sources for their fuel needs, and the desire for nations throughout the world to consume more meat.

Hopefully, nations of the world will make a massive attempt to confront the need for new sources of energy and take those steps necessary to achieve that end. Moving in this direction will cause nations to alter their style of life but the alternative is continued dependence on oil producing nations and destroying the Amazon rainforest in order to have a good steak for dinner.