New Type Of Mideast Riot

People are rioting in Morocco and the reason has nothing to do with al-Qaeda or dictators or any of the typical factors that produces a riot in the Middle East. Peple are protesting against the release of Daniel Galvan Vina from his thirty year sentence for sexually abusing 11 children between the ages of three and 14. Apparently, Mr. Vina worked for the Spanish national intelligence agency for years while Saddam Hussein was in power. He orginally was an Iraqi who was given a Spanish name and gotten out of Iraq. New name, new identify, new money. What else do we do for spies. He moved to Rabat in Morocco and became a man who gave parties–for children.

King Mohammed VI was given a list of Spanish folk to be released and the name was provided by King Juan Carlos on a list of people deserving of going free. The assumption is these lists contain names of spies from Morocco or Spain or wherever. “Galvan”is now in Spain’s North Africanenclave of Ceuta. King Mohammed has revoked the pardon.

Such is the world of spies and terrorists.