New York City Cuts Police -Increase Crime?

The president of the United States wanders the nation emphasizing the need for medical insurance even as twelve million people lack jobs. In other words, if the twelve million received health insurance, they could not pay for it! Even worse, the 100% focus on health care has resulted in layoffs among members of government entities such police. New York City will be forced to reduce its police force to the lowest levels in thirty years even as crime rates continue declining. One can only assume the new theory of crime prevention is to reward those who are responsible for fewer deaths or other violence by firing them! The time to INCREASE police or fire fighters is when they are doing the job for which they were hired.

There is something amiss in the Obama administration. I believe completely in health insurance for all Americans. But, right now, we need to provide jobs and what better way to accomplish that task but hiring police, firemen, social workers, etc…? The “success” of the Obama strategy will be evident in November when Republicans gain control and block any of his proposals. Then, he will offer the excuse, “if only I had a Democratic majority in Congress!”