New York Police

Mike Lupica is among my favorite sport writers but when he wanders into the topic of crime and violence this intelligent man reveals he knows about the world of sports and does not know much about the world of crime. He recently to defend New York City Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, against those who attack his policies on “stop and frisk.” Like so many, Mr. Lupica links stopping and frisking people with the decline of crime in New York City. Lupica is absolutely right that crime has declined. Of course, if it rains in Sydney, Australia on at least one day in the month, crime in New York City also declines! There is absolutely NO connection between halting and frisking people and the decline of crime.

Perhaps, Mr. Lupica could explain why crime has declined in dozens of cities where there is no “stop and frisk.” Crime declines for the following reasons:

1. If there is a decline in the number of  males in the age bracket 17-28 then crime declines regardless of which police policies are followed.

2. Crime declines if something that once was a crime is now legal-gambling is an example.

3. Crime declines if there are numerous jobs available paying good wages.

Sorry Mike, that is why crime declines.