New Zealand Gets Tough On Domestic Violence

The New Zealand government has decided on a get tough policy with men who are guilty of domestic violence. Police are now authorized to hand out on-the-spot protection orders when they are called to a domestic violence incident. Alleged offenders could be removed from their homes for up to 72 hours under the changes announced by Justice Minister Annette King. She commented, “the more we talk about domestic violence, and the more we crete an environment in which victims of domestic violence feel able to report what is happening to them, the more chance we have of coming to grips with this scourge on our society.”

Under new guidelines announced by Ms. King:

* Police can issue on-the-spot short term protection orders.
* There will be greater consequences for violating protection orders.
* Criminal courts will be more proactive in defending rights of victims.
* Increased concern for the impact of psychological abuse.