New Zealand “Nice Guy” Defends Hitler

He was termed by a colleague, “an all-round nice guy who would not have meant it.” the “it” referring to a rant made by New Zealand TV star, David Fane. Frankly, I have never heard about this man and have absolutely no idea who he is, what he does, or anything about his views on life and people. But, when so-called “intelligent” people who are in the limelight make remarks such as: “Jews were expendable,” or “Hitler had a right” or HIV sufferers deserve to be roasted” it definitely sends a message to the world concerning their ideas about the human condition. Mr. Fane now admits, “they were dumb words spoke by a dumb man,” but the dumb remarks we make during the course of a week are ordinarily concerned with other issues than defending Nazi leaders and the murder of six million Jews.

I am always fascinated at age 80 how people today refer to Adolf Hitler and, particularly those who seek to defend the murder of over 30,000,000 human beings. Of all the leaders in history why does this man select Hitler as one requiring him to be a defender? What is in the Hitler evil that so attracts one to defend this behavior? That is the question and if Mr. Fane is truly sorry, perhaps he could explain the workings of his mind which lead to these comments.