New Zealand Shopowner Bans Israelis- A Hero Or Idiot?

A Muslim New Zealand shopkeeper noticed two women chatting in his cafe. He went over to them and decided they were Jewish. After inquiring about their background, he discovered one was an Israeli who was visiting her sister in New Zealand. Mustafa Tekinkaya decided he had to strike a blow for Hamas and the Palestinian people in Gaza so he ordered both women to leave his cafe. Natalie Bennie and Tamara Shefa filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission that their rights were violated. Can we assume Mr. Tekinkaya decides he doesn’t like gay customers and therefore they must leave his business establishment?

Ironically, Ms. Bennie had her own view of the Israeli invasion of Gaza: ‘I’m not a big supporter of Israel at the moment. But, he didn’t even bother finding out what my opinion was.” The problem with classifying and categorizing people is the inability to grasp that within any group there is divergence of views. The New Zealand Human Rights Commission intends to take action, but Mr. Tekinkaya is unmoved and believes he is absolutely correct. No wonder he supports Hamas.

  • Ben

    Imagine if someone refused to serve Muslims because of 9/11 or the 7/7 bomb attacks in the UK? The owner should realise that people need to be treated as individuals. Guilt by association is unfair.