Newt Check Bounces

Newt Gingrich submitted a check in Utah in order to file for his candidacy in a primary contest. For some reason, the check bounced due to insufficient funds.  We find disturbing that America’s greatest thinker, its greatest scholar, its greatest authority on–name whatever you desire–  does not have his check honored. As he pointed out yesterday, he is the “last conservative standing.”  I assume this means  other conservatives are lying down.

It increasingly becomes clear that Muslim militants have been conspiring to block the entry of Newt Gingrich into the primary process of the Republican party.  They prefer a SOCIALIST like Mitt Romney. I ask all those who are currently unemployed to send a dollar to Newt because if he is elected, you will continue to  be unemployed and we all know how wonderful is the life of those who are unemployed.  Dollars For Newt and save America from prosperity and being forced to work.