Newt Claims Mitt Anti-Kosher!!

Finally, those of the Jewish faith in America have a champion and they now know who is the villain seeking to destroy the very foundation of Jewish life by denying Kosher food to Holocaust survivors. Newt Gingrich cares about Jews, he cares about Israel, and he is determined to prevent that MUSLIM MITT ROMNEY from attacking the right of HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS to have a taste of kishka or some latkas. Mitt came out swinging to protect his fellow Jews by charging then Governor Romney refused to fund homes for the elderly which served kosher meals.

Newt is furious at Mitt. As one of his underlings put it: “Romney has no character and he has  proved to be  disgraceful and despicable candidate.” And, by the way, Newt is upset because “Romney refused to allow Catholic hospitals to have conscience in their dealing with certain circumstances.”

I assume since Newt does not see any reason to support Mitt, he will throw his support to Barack!!