Newt Gingrich And Politics Of Lying

Newt Gingrich is a former professor of history and thus one would expect that he adhered to standards of historical thinking. The last thing a professor or history would do is to deliberately distort the historical record. During the past few weeks, Newt has been spouting a view of President Obama that makes absolutely no historical sense. He now claims Barack Obama hates the United States because he is entrapped in a “Kenyan anti-colonial view” of the world which pursues an anti-western philosophy based on revenge for the colonial experience. One may cast doubts concerning the Obama administration, but here is the record:

1. He insisted troops remain in Iraq and finally began a “withdrawal” that allows nearly 50,000 troops to remain in that country for the for-seeable future.
2. He doubled the number of troops in Afghanistan although most Americans wanted an end to that conflict.
3. His policies helped save the American banking system, hardly the goal of someone out to destroy America.
4. He maintained the failed George Bush policy on education.
5. His approach to creating jobs is closer to that of Republicans than to liberal Democrats.
6. Actually, Kenya is among those African nations which once were under British colonial rule which have never adopted an anti-British policy in regard to who can own land. Zimbabwe has forced their former colonial rulers to surrender ownership of farms, NOT Kenya!

Newt knows better, Newt is simply out to destroy President Obama and if lying allows that goal to be achieved, so be it.