Newt, I’m The Boss, But…

Newt Gingrich is upset. Newt Gingrich believes NBC owes him an apology. He told Fox News Greta van Susteren it was unfortunate that other media outlets did not adhere to the high moral standards of her employer. He accused NBC of smearing his wife, Callista, by claiming she was trying to run his campaign and was the cause 16 staff members quit. “The fact is, my campaign is my campaign. Yes, we make decisions as a couple, but in the end, I take full responsibility.” And he went on to blast the NBC program which claimed Callista was a bore and arrogant individual to be false. Of course, Gingrich staff members told the media:

1. She insisted his campaign organize screenings for films made by her company.

2. She did not allow early morning travel because she needed time to do her hair.

3. During the Memorial Day weekend, she made Newt cancel a speech so they could see an opera at the Kennedy Center.

4. After Newt announced his candidacy she insisted they take a Mediterranean cruise. He insists there was need to get away and “think.”

Hell hadth no greater fury than a scorned woman. I suspect Newt will have plenty of time in the coming years to placate his woman and make certain she fixes her hair–in the morning!