Newt Knows All And He Knows It!

Newt Gingrich used to teach at a very prestigious southern college which is world renowned for its scholarship so I understand when he pontificates about any topic words come from the mouth of a scholar and renowned historian. Latest polls show him sweeping Republican primaries in Iowa, South Carolinia and  Florida. He once again feels confident that God has selected him to lead our great nation. He evern gave a  challenge to President Obama to debate him, adding, “if you have to defend Obamacare, wouldn’t you want a teleprompter?”

Newt now wraps himself in the mantle of  morality. He wants to  bring morality to the American people. Newt would like poor children to work cleaning up schools in order to engender good work habits. I assume he believes middle and upper class kids have good morality and there is no need for them to clean schools. I assume most middle class  kids are like him–a serial fornicator who cheats on wives and tells them he wants a divorce when they are going through cancer.

I lack such high standards of morality. Barack Obama lacks the Gingrich standards. He actually has been with the same wife  for all his married life. Perhaps, if Obama screwed more women, he might learn more about the American people.

Newt Gingrich is the kid in class who just HAD to tell everyone what he read in the encyclopedia last night.