Newt Neutered

To be a member of the Republican party means never, ever say a kind word about those who are poor of lack power in the land. Newt Gingrich had just witnessed his poll number rise above that of Mitt Romney–26% to 22%– when he committed an error that will result in going down in polls. In discussing the issue of illegal immigrants, the man whose mouth never ceases uttered the following words of treason.  “I don’t believe the party that says it is the party of the family is going to destroy families that have been here a quarter of a century. Let’s be humane!”

Newt, you are a member of the Republican party and uttering words like, “humane” will result in having your mouth washed out with lye. Mitt and Michele jumped on their colleague denouncing him for the crime of “amnesty!” What next from Newt– free medical care for children?

To be a Republican is to always remember that one’s first duty in life, in fact, one’s only duty in life, is to protect the interests of those with millions.