Newt Neutralized By Staff

Alas, Newt has been abandoned by those who lack faith in the man of history who wants to make history, but may wind up becoming history. Sixteen members of his staff flew the coup and exited in hopes of finding a more powerful sage somewhere south in the state of Texas. Staff members complained that Newt Gingrich did not listen to what they said and preferred the advice of the woman he married–or, at least one of the three women he married. Newt insisted, “we make decisions as a couple.” He expressed no fear at being deserted because the man who regards himself as one who is destined to greatness knows the American people love a fighter. “I want a campaign based on ideas and solutions, and I want to bring Americans together.”

Let’s see, he wants ideas and solutions:

1. Reduce taxes on the wealthy which will result in more jobs.

2. Reduce taxes on the wealthy which means the Federal government has more money to pay down debts.

3. No medical care from the government. That definitely will bring Americans without medical care together–at the Emergency room, that is!

Think about a President Gingrich making decisions on war and peace:

“Honey, I sent the Chief of Staff home and the Secretary of State is waiting outside until you give me advice as to whether we should be in Afghanistan.”

Oh, he wants to bring us together:

“We don’t need people born in Kenya to be the president.”