Newt Wants Bold Action!

Newt Gingrich is a bold leader, after all, he helped to close down the American government when he was Majority leader in the House of Representatives. Newt is tired of the current crop of candidates for president and would prefer a bold leader such as himself. He gave a speech to the Heritage Foundation, a noted elite Washington D.C. institution. We  quote his historic words:

‘I am going to say some things that are very bold. You lead Washington by leading America. You don’t lead America by leading Washington. I’d like somehow to get across, particularly to the Washington elite that boldness is exactly what we need.”

OK, now that we heard his desire to be “bold” we still await an explanation as to what constitutes being “bold.” OH, I finally figured it out. Being BOLD comes about by saying, “I AM BOLD!” I believe it is important that when one derides the “Washington elite” it is best done by speaking before the “Washington Elite.”

God bless you, Newt. How about doing something bold–remain with your wife for more than ten years!