Newt, We Knew You Well

Newwt Gingrich is “suspending” his noble campaign to save America from the evils of SOCIALISM and destruction of our wonderful “job creators.” He termed the current president, an immigrant from Kenya who was educated to hate colonial powers like the US, as the “most leftist radical president in American history.” Wow!

Teddy Roosevelt who broke up business monopolies, fought for rights of poor people and wanted the federal government to help education.

Franklin Roosevelt who pushed through Social Security, laws to protect unions, federal funds to build roads, schools, aid to students, etc.. And, what comparable did the “leftist” Obama do?

Lyndon Johnson pushed through the Civil Rights act, federal aid to education,anti poverty laws, etc.. and what did the Leftist Obama do that was like these actions?

Good News. Newt and Callista will still be with us and they will help America by educating us about new policies. God Bless you Newt for not leaving our beleaugured nation!