Next Olympic Nightmare-Russia In 2014?

The Olympic Games were resurrected at the end of the 19th century in an effort to foster world cooperation and peace. Since that moment of hope, there have been repeated examples of politics impacting the sporting events and the current situation in which angry protestors batter those carrying the Olympic torch. The Olympic committee awarded the 2014 winter games to Russia which intends to have events unfold in Sochi. The original estimate was for a $12 billion expenditure, but now, according to Russian dissident, Gary Kasporov, the cost will be closer to $20 billion. The Russian government insists it has the right to confiscate any land in the area in order to construct Olympic facilities.

Kasparov claims Russian leaders use their power to accumulate vast amounts of money at the expense of Russian citizens and the Sochi effort will entail massive transfer of money from the average citizen to the oligarchs of wealth. Kasparov notes: “Three weeks ago, I and other Rusian opposition members held a press conference with residents of Sochi. We read aloud from a new law pertaining to the Olympic site. It gives the State the abillity to confiscate as much land as it wants in the area, with no possible appeal. With one decisioin, the people will lose ttheir homes and businesses and will have no avenue of protest.”

One can envision protestors following the Olympic torch or disrupting Olympic ceremonies when 2014 rolls around in Russia.