Nicholas Sarkozy Insulted By EU Leaders!

Nicholas Sarkozy is a president of France, he has a nice comfortable fortune, he is married to a gorgeous woman, and he can get free trip to any country in the world, courtesy of the French people. But, according to Nick, he is being persecuted by European Union leaders because he has decided, in the interest of getting some more votes, to kick the hell out of Roma people in his nation and come across as defending historic French values against the hordes of Huns coming from the east in the form of Roma people. After his actions in dismantling shacks and rounding up Roma was denounced by Viviene Reding, EU commissioner for social justice as comparable to Nazi round up of Jews during WWII, Sarkozy exploded in rage of hurt feelings. He made clear France had a duty and a right to dismantle shanties in which children lived in squalor. After all, this is a man whose wife was openly running around with lovers and he did not display hurt feelings, but when you claim he is against Roma, them is fighting words.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, described the situation clearly. “You should, of course, have the right to remove people from your country if they are there illegally. But it should never be done on the basis of an ethnic group.” We wonder if there are any Americans living in France who lack a job and live in poverty.