Nick Clegg Is MAD!

There is a very angry political leader in England who is furious at Prime Minister David Cameron for rejecting working with members of the European Union in their effort to contain the  financial crisis on the continent. David Cameron became the first British prime minister to veto an EU  treaty as he made clear that England does not want anything to do with resolving the Euro crisis. In other words, England stands alone from other members of the EU.

Nick Clegg, head of the Liberal party which is a member of the coaltion government, was blunt in his criticism. The PM and I clearly do not agree  on teh outcome of the summit  last week. I made it very clear that I think isolation in Europe when we are one against 26 is potentially a bad thing for jobs, a   bad thing for growth and a bad thing for the livelihoods of millions of people in this country. I think that we  need to do now is build  bridges–re-engage and make sure that the British voice is head loud and clear in the heart of Europe.”

Nick feels David has  nicked him in the heart and also damaged the health of Great Britain. So, what is the next step–step out of the coalition?