Nick Does Not Trust Tory David

Nick Clegg entered his Liberal party into a coalition with Conservative David Cameron in hope both parties could cooperate to solve England’s economic mess. He did not realize in hooking up with David, it would be a marriage in which one calls the shots and the other either obeys or remains quiet. Nick is furious at failure of David Cameron to work in a cooperative manner with members of the European Union. He is also getting tired of the constant cuts in government spending and rising unemployment which increasingly prove the Cameron approach to economic health is NOT working.

Perhaps, most frustrating for Clegg and Liberals is to constantly listen to Cameron preach the doctrine of  a “Big Society” in which marriage, family, the church and volunteerism will solve problems plaguing the nation. Nick came out swinging at the 1950s version of life, “the suit-wearing, bread winning dad, and apron wearing homemaking mother.” Life changes, society evolves and remaining in the past with memories of what NEVER HAPPENED will not provide jobs and a decent life to the unemployed people of England.

There is evidence the “Big Society” of Conservatives is a big win for the wealthy and zero for the remainder of society.