Nigeria At Crossroads

If an award was given each year to the nation which is world leader in corruption and incompetency then Nigeria would be the victor year after year. The latest account is that over $300 BILLION of Nigeria’s oil revenue is missing in action! A small group of corrupt leaders have siphoned off billions for their own economic needs and that money has NOT gone for economic development of Nigeria. However, thousands of Nigerians who inhabit areas where oil is produced daily siphon off oil for the local population. Is it any wonder that in such a corrupt society religious tensions would become increasingly paramount? Northern Nigeria is mainly Muslim while the South –which contains the oil–is mainly Christian. It was simply a matter of time before a terrorist group emerged in northern Nigeria to take up the banner of hate toward Nigerian society.

The Boko Haram–western education is evil– have gone on a terrorist rampage murdering hundreds of Muslims and Christians in an endeavor to prevent the emergence of any sort of stability in the nation. Unfortunately, for the Nigerian people, its President, Goodluck Jonathan, would win any Academy Award, hands down, for being the most incompetent leader of a nation. He insists that his “army” is defeating the Boko Haram!!