Nigeria Confronts Religious Conflict

Legacy of the past continues haunting the lives of people in the present. Nigeria was colonized by Europeans who left a legacy of the Christian religion. Nigeria was conquered by Muslim invaders who left their religion for the people. Today, northern Nigeria is mainly Muslim while southern regions are predominantly Christian. Since its birth as a nation, religious conflict has resulted in the death of over 10,000 humans. Nigeria has a broad region which lies in between the two areas and is often referred to as the nation’s “Middle East.” There is growing fear among Christians of a Muslim southern advance. After the recent failed airplane bombing by Muslim Farouk Abdulmutallab, several Christians wrote on the Internet about Muslims: “they are bastards, mixed with Arab blood to terrorize the world. They do not like education. They hate civilization and and I wonder why they still exist as part of the human race.”

Good news comes from people like Pastor James and Imam Muhammad Ashafa together preach the word of God–wether written as Allah or God– “No matter whether you are Christian or Muslim, have your religion but don’t kill anyone.” Amen