Nigeria: Failed Nation?

Nigeria is among those African societies which continue to be plagued by colonial  boundary demarcations which placed competing groups into a single nation. During the 1960s, Nigeria endured a civil war which essentially placed many Christian groups against the central government. Today, northern Nigeria is mainly Muslim and the emergence of ultra Orthodox Muslim fanatics is creating  a new scenario in which violence is a common occurrence against Christians. The Boko Haram is burning Christian churches, placing bombs in Christian areas and seeking to create conditions for a new civil war.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is run by a group of kleptomaniacs whose only desire in life is using government to make money. The last thing on the mind of these corrupt individuals is creating the basis of a stable and prosperous society. They have squandered hundreds of billions for sale of oil to enrich themselves while most Nigerians linger in poverty. The only way to combat the Boko Haram is through emergence of an honest government which draws upon oil wealth to enrich the  economic lives of Nigerians. If this does not happen, we can expect growing violence and discord.