Nigerian Army Knows Or Doesn’t Know

Another Boko Haram kidnapping of women in the northeast region of the country. Terrorists arrived at a village, held people hostage for three days, and left with sixty women and children including some as young as three or six. The Nigerian Army tweeted that it could not confirm any abduction, but an officer who would not reveal his name, made clear that “over sixty women were hijacked and forcefully taken away by terrorists.” OK, so some major knows about the abduction, but those in charge of the Armed forces have not yet been informed. However, they did tweet that something happened.

The Nigerian Army is the clearest example of ineptness in the world. They even make the Iraq army come across as having some ability. Nigeria produces oil, it gains billions of dollars for it, but the money goes to a small group of corrupt civilian and Army officers who probably have the money secure in some bank in England. Nigeria is a problem without a solution.