Nigerian Fairy Tales

Another day in Nigeria,another bombing, another tale of “let us make a speech” in order to defeat the forces of hate and violence in our nation. Twin car bombs went off in the town of Jos which straddles the division within Nigeria between areas inhabited by those who are Christian and those who are Muslim. Of course, Boko Haram is a Muslim group which has its version of the Muslim religion and intends to enforce that view upon both Muslims and Christians. About 45 are dead and dozens are wounded in Jos. The government, undoubtedly, will send in troops –once the terrorists have fled. After all, if one joins the Nigerian army the very last thing in mind is to shoot someone. The goal of the Nigerian army is always to arrive AFTER violence has occurred. After all, if soldiers confront the Boko Haram, they could get shot!

The government did issue a statement. “The government remains fully committed to wining the battle against terror. Terrific statement of purpose. One tiny, minor problem. In order to win a battle, an army has to engage in a battle. Honest, no battles,no medials, no victory, but a great number of statements about fighting battles.