Nigerian Follies Never Cease To Amuse

There is no doubt that when it comes to speaking about war, the Army of Nigeria is among the most brave military institutions in the world. This is the armed force whose soldiers actually witnessed Boko Haram terrorists heading toward the school to seize 300 girls and stood by and watched the incident. An Air Marshall –yes, the Nigerian air force does exist, another believe it or not– proclaimed that he knew exactly where Boko Haram militants were and knew the location of the girls. “But, we cannot go and kill our girls trying to get them back.” He insists “Our military can do it.”

Reality, during the past several months each time the Nigerian Army has entered a village in order to kill Boko Haram the result has been death of dozens, if not hundreds of innocent people. Villages have been burned to the ground in the name of destroying Boko Haram. OH, the Army then lists as “killing Boko Haram militants,” the number of innocent villagers who were murdered. This is a corrupt, leaderless group of men who are terrified of battle. Heck, if you fight those who posses arms, then you might get killed!